Movies – Katkout

  • 2006
  • -
  • Comedy
  • -
  • 125 minutes

Within the comic plot revolves around (Katkout) big aunt Saidi example family trying to force him to submit himself to sacrifice his family's murder, but he escapes and beats a secure to discover a large Peninsula between him (Yusuf Khoury) international terrorist to replace a dangerous process, quickly fix team Work to become a copy of (Yusuf Khoury) in shape and behaviour and replace it in the process of trying to stop her, and the film is unfolding.

  • RELEASE Year: 2006, An Egyptian.

  • DIRECTOR : Ahmed Awad

  • Writer : Tarek elebiary

  • LANGUAGE : Arabic

  • Category: Comedy

  • CAST : Hassan Hosni - Mohamed Saad

  • IMDb : 5./10


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