Movies – Mabrouk and Bolbol

  • 1996
  • -
  • Romance
  • -
  • 72 minutes

The events revolve around (Mabrouk), who suffers from mental retardation and lives with his sister Fathia in the village, and his neighbor from a young age (Belbel) who narrows the ways after the death of her mother and the marriage of her father to another, to have to travel to Cairo and work as a prostitute, to be collected by chance Pembroke again and create between them a love story of a special kind.

  • RELEASE Year: 1996,

  • DIRECTOR : Sandra Nasha'at

  • Writer : Lamis Gaber


  • Category: Romance

  • CAST :

  • IMDb : 0./10

Mabrouk and Bolbol

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