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  • 1977
  • -
  • Drama
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  • 0 minutes

Key, a good man married to fulfillment, which recognizes her husband, she was at last in a relationship called Ezzat, a key rebel dignity they drag her, zeze expensive contract attributed delivered while he was in cabaret, by the time it was Abu fast Prime gang and his men follow the transition, So the Izzet put the contract into the pocket of a jacket, hunting for the gang to seize key nodes. At the time that threatens him and attributed by a drunk to catch a deadly shot attributed. Who certifies that the killer is the key, while his wife Wafaa searches for the killer to acquit, zeze to flat key threatening the need to recognize the Decade, encircles the police arrested and zizi, due to his key fulfillment after you make sure its sincerity and love.

  • RELEASE Year: 1977, An Egyptian.

  • DIRECTOR : Madkour Thabet

  • Writer : Nasser Hussain

  • LANGUAGE : Arabic

  • Category: Drama

  • CAST : Salah kabil - Nahed Sheriff - Mohamed Awad

  • IMDb : 5.3/10

Stupid boy

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