Movies – Alqahirun

  • 1967
  • -
  • history
  • -
  • 0 minutes

Menominee change Mongols on Lebanon in the 10th century a.d., and abducting Jockey Liam, then preparing to seize the tribe, his beloved Liam who help him escape from suing the Mongols, and be able to form an Army fighter to meet the invading forces, thanks to the workouts and determination, the Mongols defeat the Hands of the oppressors are band.

  • RELEASE Year: 1967, Egyptian

  • DIRECTOR : Farouk Agrama

  • Writer : Sayed el magraby

  • LANGUAGE : Arabic

  • Category: history

  • CAST : Fahd Ballan - Samira Tawfik - Ibrahim Khan.

  • IMDb : 5.4/10


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