Movies – Khaleek fi Halak

  • 2007
  • -
  • Comedy
  • -
  • 87 minutes

A young officer has no women's experiences living beside someone who frequented by women daily, spends his time in this young man's eavesdropping and think through the window of his room, and once he sees his neighbor and he hits the girl over the head with a flashlight and escapes, decides to break into the apartment and rescued the girl, but he wouldn't be involved in this crime.

  • RELEASE Year: 2007, An Egyptian.

  • DIRECTOR : Ayman Makram

  • Writer : Ahmed Eid

  • LANGUAGE : Arabic

  • Category: Comedy

  • CAST : Ahmed Eid - Soilman Eid

  • IMDb : 4.2/10

Khaleek fi Halak

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